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Reasons to knit according to uh…Me!

Reasons to knit according to uh…Me!


1. Because why not?
2. Because Downton Abbey exists and I’m still watching to see someone knit something or just pull some yarn from under a bed even
3. Because YouTube shows you how and when a tutorial exists and you don’t do it. Go ahead, hang your head, shame on you

4. Because the sun rises and then guess what? It sets
5. Because Ryan Gosling is fine as frog hairs and apparently it turns him…

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Tis the Season….

Photo on 7-25-14 at 9.41 PM

To buy yarn, yarn and more yarn. To grab my partner in crime, my BFF and hit the road. What am I talking about, is that your question? It is Yarnho season, oops I mean time for the craft/fiber/must buy yarn festivals to start. Thank you Pam McKenzie for the reminder.


Last year my girlfriend and I attended Stitches East for first time and OMG! Is there such a thing as a fiber orgasm?…

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How does one end up with a UFO?

How does one end up with a UFO?



So I was going through my projects on Ravelry and came across an UFO or a WIP as they call it, and instantly became confused. I mean this project has been sitting in the land of the forgotten since October 8, 2013 and I have no idea why. I mean I was simply shocked.


This discovery led me to dig further, I had to find out WHY I never finished this project. Was it the yarn? It definitely wasn’t…

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That time when I knit with Linen..

That time when I knit with Linen..


I love firsts don’t you? The anticipation, the possibilities, just all of it! Well I have Linen in my stash but as you all know I was in the Yarn-less Philippines (not really, but REALLY!) so I had to get what I could get. I mean I was in desperation mode…who goes days without knitting? Not this one…I have a physical reaction that isn’t fun…so babble much? The point? are you wondering what it is?…

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Make or Teach? That is the question

Make or Teach? That is the question


Because I can almost never be found without my knitting in tow, someone is guaranteed to ask me to make them something. *blank stare* UH NO! LOL I have an Etsy shop, feel free to purchase all you like…but just make you something because…WHY? Now I am far from mean, but those of you that knit know it is an investment our  hearts and time and if I DECIDE to give my work away I will, but please…

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